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Eating in Tijuana

Famed for having some of the best street food in a major world city, Tijuana is suddenly gaining renown for a different kind of gastronomy: Baja Med and fusion cuisines are becoming de rigueur in this international city, and foodies all around the world are paying attention. But never fear: This teeming metropolis still has it all, just more of it: From Chef Javier Plascencia’s Mision 19 restaurant (try short ribs in a fig leaf with black mole and Mission figs) and the trendy and hip La Querencia (anything with duck or venison rocks here), to the traditional steak fare of landmark La Fogata restaurant and the historic Cesar Salads at Hotel Cesar, diners have a huge assortment of choices. And international restaurants? From Argentinian steakhouses, to Chinese restaurants reflecting the region’s cultural history, to Middle Eastern fare, there is a full and varied menu of eateries. And, yes, food truck and taco stand groupies…there are more street food choices than ever before.

There are also more angles to the culinary scene that there used to be. Tacos and beer are still a staple, but today Tijuana is capitalizing on the ever-increasing abundance of gastronomic resources at its ‘fingertips’. The city neighbors Mexico’s wine country (only a 90 minute drive to the Valle de Guadalupe and more than 100 wineries!). It is just an hour from Ensenada, and its fresh seafood bounty. And everywhere, it seems, are organic produce farms.

So whether it’s Dining on seared Blue Fin tuna accompanied by roasted baby carrots and fennel, paired with a crisp white wine…or steak sandwiches at Tortas Wash Movil (once a car wash)…or pine nut ice-cream at neveria Tepoznieves, you can’t do better in the world of taste than Tasty Tijuana.