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How to choose the right kind accommodations for your Tijuana visit.

People enter the city of Tijuana in a variety of ways:  by foot, car, motorbike or by plane.  But perhaps the commonality they have is that, with the exception of business travelers, most of them are going somewhere else.  This is changing somewhat, as Tijuana is starting to be perceived as a cultural mecca, with everything from opera to fine dining to sports events.  But, for more, the reality is that Tijuana, itself, holds primary attraction for business travelers.

This has resulted in the fact that the city itself does not have a diversity of types of lodging: It is pretty much hotels and motels.  The diversity comes in the quality of the lodging and the extent of its amenities.  And in price, which ranges from budget to luxury.

With that in mind, here are just a few other questions to ask yourself that might help you plan your trip.

  • Are you looking for a full-service hotel with business amenities and services (wifi, fax, and other office support), and with proximity to banks and ATMs?
  • Do you want to experience the Pacific Ocean, while still being only a few miles from the San Diego area?
  • Is Tijuana the first stop on your journey down the Baja Peninsula?
  • Do you want to be close to world-class restaurants, casinos or nightlife?
  • Do you need to be near a convention area?  Restaurant? Specific venue?

As you think about lodging, you might want to consider some of the following in regard to Tijuana.  These questions, as well as the activities you want to do, will help you choose the best place for your trip.

*Hotels in Tijuana:  Tijuana is home to numerous hotels, diverse in style, quality and cost.   Business travelers are the main clientele in Tijuana, and the big hotels and hotel chains – like Marriott Tijuana, Gran Hotel or Lucerna Tijuana, among many others — are geared (and priced) for that audience.  They are mostly located in the financial and restaurant area of town, Zona Rio (near the river).  For tourists, downtown can be confusing and noisy, albeit exciting.

*Other hotels in town:  Within the city of Tijuana, there are smaller hotels that are of good quality and priced more for travelers and those using the city as a pass-through.  There are also hotels appropriate for those interested in specific activities, such as the Hotel Pueblo Amiga & Casino, or the Hotel & Suites Country Club, which has rooms overlooking Tijuana Country Club Golf Course.  These accommodations tend to be well-appointed and a bit more personal.

*Hotels on the outskirts of town:  Leaving the metropolis, most travelers head west towards the Pacific Coast.  The biggest advantage to this is that just minutes away, the highway suddenly seems to lose most of the crazy city traffic, and the blue ocean paralleling the road seems to promise tranquility.  As Highway 1 moves south, there are a variety of hotel options, notably the Real del Mar Hotel & Golf Course (formerly a Residence Inn by Marriott), that offer resort-type lodging.