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Great places to stay in Tijuana

Once you’ve identified your criteria and selected the best lodging for your trip, scan the list of standouts below. It is by no means comprehensive (there are scores of hotels in Tijuana and environs), but rather a cross-section of some of our favorites.  You can also search the Tijuana hotel directory for more options.

  • Quirky:  Fiesta Inn
  • Location, location:  Gran Hotel Tijuana
  • Club and party area:  Hotel Ticuan
  • Amenities and comfort:  Marriott Tijuana
  • Golf-course adjacent, with views:  Hotel & Suites Country Club
  • Central area:  Hotel Real del Rio and Camino Real
  • Near-border location and gambling:  Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino
  • Proximity to IMAX and cultural areas:  Hotel Lucerna
  • Coastal golf resort:  Real del Mar