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What to do in Tijuana

Back in the day, ‘Fun in Tijuana’ meant drinking, eating, shopping and even some gambling..  It still does mean those things:  the context has just changed, a bit.
Today’s Tijuana is sprouting high-quality brew pubs, wine bars and coffee houses everywhere in the city.  Eating has become an elevated art in this cosmopolitan place, where food critics like Anthony Bourdain and chefs like Rick Bayless are wowed at Tijuana’s emerging gastronomy.  In major new complexes, real-time modern shopping has come to town and in wonderful, authentic corners of Tijuana, like the Mercado Hidalgo, buyers can find everything from gourmet products to arts, fabrics and more.  And, there’s even still gambling.


Even more, Tijuana has become a magnet for arts and cultural groups, sports enthusiasts and just plain old tourists, with its growing abundance of museums, street festivals, concerts and conventions attracting multitudes of peoples from all parts of the world – virtually all of whom feel secure about visiting this multicultural city.

Search the Tijuana directory for activities to learn more about one of the highlights below.

  • Shopping
  • Museums & exhibits & the arts
  • Day-trips
  • Beer and wine tasting
  • Walking and touring
  • Beaches
  • Clubbing & Nightlife
  • Golf