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Featured activities in Tijuana

Search the Tijuana directory for activities to learn more about one of the highlights below.

  • Shopping
  • Museums & exhibits & the arts
  • Day-trips
  • Beer and wine tasting
  • Walking and touring
  • Beaches
  • Clubbing & Nightlife
  • Golf

Shopping in Tijuana

Shopping is probably the premier touist activity in Tijuana…and why not?  From Avenida Revolucion, the main shopping drag, spreading across Calle 2 to a pedestrian walkway, there are vast types of merchandise:  leather goods, silver, pottery, cigars, curios, serapes, cigars and more.  In this area, a great choice is Mercados de Artesanias,  If you are looking for flavorful items – spices, herbs, produce, etc. – Mercado del Hidalgo might be the place to go.  Recently, northern Baja has seen major mall-type facilities (Cinepolis Tijuana Pabellon) springing up, with big department stores and with the Spanish/English language movie theaters owned by Cinepolis.  **A tip to the wise:  Not everything is less expensive in Mexico, including electronics, some cars and perfumes, and often quality clothing.  So understand your dollars/versus pesos, and shop accordingly.

Museum, Exhibits and the Arts

Tijuana is experiencing an arts and culture revolution, in everything from plastic art, to performing arts and even literary arts.  From the IMAX theatre and CECUT (Centro Cultural Tijuana/Tijuana Cultural Center) located in the throbbing heart of the city on Paseo de los Heroes, to the fascinating La Casa de Túnel  (Tunnel House, named because it once had an underground passage-way that ran from under the house, underneath the border patrol booths and up to a parking lot in the United States) that has become the haven for artists to both live and work, to Opera deTijuana, there is a sense that the city is becoming a culture destination.

Day Trips

The opportunities for day trips both from and within Tijuana are vast. A quick train ride to Tecate, a jaunt to Las Playas just 10 minutes from the city, an afternoon enjoying margaritas and horseback riding in Rosarito, south of Tijuana, or even just a tour of major sites in Tijuana, itself:  They are easy to plan and, with or without your own personal transportation, the cost will be affordable.

Beer & Wine Tasting in Tijuana

As the public’s recognition of Tijuana as a culinary hub has started to increase, so has its expectations for better and more interesting beverages.  No more are the days when visitors to the city only thought to order your basic Corona or Tecate (of course, they still do order those by the case-load) or when the only other alcoholic  bebida  (drink) of choice was considered to be a margarita.
Today, reflecting much more demanding palates of its consumers, Tijuana is seeing a surge in the number of craft brew houses in the city, the charge having been lead by the Tijuana Brewery.  In addition, spots to try the foamy brew include The Beer Box, Insurgent Cerveceria and Cerveceria Zesde.
Even though wine has become an economic catalyst in the region, most wine tasting takes place farther south, in the Ensenada area.  However, at the LA Cetto tasting room in Tijuana, visitors can sample some of Mexico’s wines.  In addition, most good restaurants now offer broad selections of the area’s top vintages.

Walking & Touring in Tijuana

There are many areas of Tijuana where visitors will feel comfortable walking.  If time is limited, you might begin your tour at the Tijuana Arch at the bottom of Ave. Revolucion.  You’ll get a glimpse of a seated Santa Cecilia guarding her plaza, and further along you will be able to tour the Cathedral of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Your tour can include shopping at Mercado el Popo, or even the Palacio Municipal Antiguo (the old municipal palace), and can include as many refreshments breaks as you’d like.  There are also a variety of organized tours (like the Tijuana City Tour by Baja Tours or Grayline) to choose from – some with bus and shuttle companies and some of the more innovative tours (fine dining, beer tasting, water parks, etc.) with independent operators like Derrick Chinn of Turista Libre.


Playas de Tijuana is an area in the most northwest corner of Baja, at the border of San Diego County.  It is not an area well-known by tourists and yet it has a thriving vacationing community. Over recent years, it has become a second-home location for many Mexicans (and some expatriates) who appreciate its proximity to a major metro area, to the U.S. border, and to the cooling Pacific breezes. From Highway 1, the turn-off is easily seen because of the huge Plaza de Toros Monumental bullring.  A popular pastime at Playas is to relax on the malecon with a beverage, and listen to strolling mariachis.

Clubbing & Nightlife in Tijuana

Tijuana has worked diligently to clean up its image in regard to clubs and nightlife.  It’s a huge city, so there is no doubt that there are dark corners and sleazy bar that tourists should steer clear of.  However, upscale clubs for music, dancing and socializing are on the rise.   Ave. Revolucion, at night, becomes kind of a passageway that young people use to go club-hopping at places like Senor Frogs.  In the hip Zona Rio, close to restaurants, there are many good clubs, including Baby Rock disco, that offer entertainment for all ages.


Tijuana is home to two top golf courses:  Tijuana Country Club, right in the heart of the city in the high-end Chapultepec area, and Real del Mar Golf Resort, south of the city.  Both are challenging, and each has its own personality and advantages.  The country club courses offers amenities such as caddies (for a nominal fee) and Real del Mar, which is situated with views to the ocean, offers challenging fairways and interesting view points throughout the course.