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One-, Two- and Three-Day Itineraries
It is quite possible that you are using Tijuana, with nearby airports in San Diego of the Tijuana International Airport, as a base from which to tour.  There are scores of things to do in Tijuana:  Here are a very few  ideas for one-, two- or three-day trips.

One-day Itineraries
Tijuana-Tecate Train:  Of course, there are city tours and walking tours, brewery tours and shopping tours.  But there is only one Wine Train tour out of Tijuana, and it takes you to Tecate, one of Baja’s charming destination towns.   Ferrocarril Tijuana – Tecate leaves Tijuana from Estación García (Blvd. Díaz Ordaz y Simon Bolivar) at 8:45 AM and returns to the station at 5:00 PM. It’s about a two-hour journey to Tecate, with vistas and views that are wonderful. The train allows for approximately 4 hours in Tecate – enough to tempt you to come back and spend more time!
Tacos, Tortas and More!: Tijuana arguably boasts more tacos and tortas (sandwiches) than any other city in the world.  Some are even referred to as ‘Tacos Tijuana-Style’.  In the Zona Centro (central downtown zone), taquerias (taco shops) are abundant, including Tacos el Rey on 2nd Street and Tacos El Güero (very high quality pork and beef) on Agua Caliente Blvd.  At different locations, try finding the classic Torta del “Washmovil” (yes, ‘carwash’).  And it’s hard to beat the ‘sweet cheese taco’ at Tacos Salceados at Ermita Street and Agua Caliente Blvd.   Is this really an itinerary?  Only if you want it to be!

Two-day Itinerary
Golf, Tennis & more:  Begin by playing golf at the beautiful Tijuana Country Club in the ritzy Chapultepec neighborhood. Golf here is inexpensive and for an extra few dollars, you can hire a caddy (not a bad idea, given that the course is cart-path only).  Speed of play is generally good…the players, not always.  The 18-hole course is beautifully landscaped and yet oddly urban.  Once you are finished your round, head down Highway 1 to Real del Mar Golf Resort, about a 20-minute drive from downtown Tijuana.  This lovely hotel, with views to the ocean, used to be a Marriot Residence Inn.  Why not check in here and play a round of tennis? Dinner and cocktails end the day, and your retire to a hacienda-style Mexican room.   The next morning, clean off your spikes and head out the Real del Mar’s golf course, which is lush, although narrow and with hills, making it challenging for long and power hitters.  Lunch at the refreshment stand will guarantee some of the best carne asada tacos you’ve had.  That evening, head back to Tijuana, and perhaps treat yourself to dinner at La Diferencia, before hitting the road.