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Get to know Tijuana

This immense city at the northwestern border of San Diego County and Baja began as a ranch populated by a few hundred Mexican people. The city itself was founded on July 11, 1889.  In 1911, during the Mexican revolution, revolutionaries claiming loyalty to Ricardo Flores Magon took control of the the city for shortly over a month. Federal troops then arrived. Assisted by local loyal militia known as the “defensores de Tijuana,”,:  the defenders of Tijuana,  the rebels were sent packing to the United States, where they were arrested by the U.S. Army. From this point, Tijuana remained fairly low-keyRead More

Places of Interest

 Tijuana is vast, nonetheless  there are a few ‘must-dos, must-sees’ that top the list. Avenida Revolución Many arrive in Northern Baja just for a day-trip…and just to cruise this eight-block strip, fondly known as La Revo, lined with myriad shopping arcades, bars and restaurants—some absolutely outstanding.  It’s like a mini-Carnaval, with shop-tenders hawking their wares, steaming taco carts, and opportunities for embarrassing souvenir photos (some gringos call him ‘Tommy’ for no particular reason, but there is a zebra-striped donkey upon which tourists can sit while wearing gigantic sombreros…hmmm).  But, amongst the bright sarapes and garish ceramics, there are also authenticRead More

Plan the perfect trip

One-, Two- and Three-Day Itineraries It is quite possible that you are using Tijuana, with nearby airports in San Diego of the Tijuana International Airport, as a base from which to tour.  There are scores of things to do in Tijuana:  Here are a very few  ideas for one-, two- or three-day trips. One-day Itineraries Tijuana-Tecate Train:  Of course, there are city tours and walking tours, brewery tours and shopping tours.  But there is only one Wine Train tour out of Tijuana, and it takes you to Tecate, one of Baja’s charming destination towns.   Ferrocarril Tijuana – Tecate leaves TijuanaRead More

Tijuana FAQs

Where is Tijuana located? Tijuana is located in the northwest corner of Baja (and Mexico), right on the US border.  To the north of Tijuana is San Diego County; to the west is the sparkling Pacific Ocean; to the east is the charming city of Tecate, and to the south are the Playas of Tijuana and Rosarito. What is the best way to get to Tijuana? The best way to get to Tijuana is to drive from San Diego by taking the Interstate Highway 5 or Interstate 805 south.  Cross the border into Tijuana. Although there are many horror storiesRead More