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Les Kincaid’s Wines du Jour Live Radio Broadcast Showcases Baja’s Gastronomy

Les Kincaid’s Wines du Jour Live Radio Broadcast Showcases Baja’s Gastronomy

by Carla White

Les Kincaid’s Wines du Jour will focus on Baja’s Gastronomy

Les Kincaid is his name and gastronomy is his game…as it has been since he started his professional cooking career at the age of 14.  Admittedly, his first job in the culinary industry was less than glamorous — he made burgers for Winn’s Drive Inn, south of San Francisco.  And it took him a couple of weeks to get the hang of it.  However, from this modest beginning, Les Kincaid has become a renowned gastronomist and today authors, teaches, and hosts a syndicated radio program called Wines du Jour that is carried on more than 450 radio stations, every cable company in the United States, and listened to throughout the world.  On Thursday, March 28, he will broadcast live from the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito, Baja California, from 7-8 p.m.  The public is invited to purchase tickets for the program and be part of the tasting event.

According to Les, his goals are to try and get everyone to expand his or her recipe repertoire, and to promote good wine and good food wherever and whenever he finds it.  He has definitely found it in Baja California, which is why he decided to host the radio show along with a food and wine pairing.  Typically, on the Wines du Jour program, an upscale restaurant is selected as the program venue and then a specific winery is invited to pair its wines with three of the restaurant’s featured menu items.  For his upcoming show at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, he will be focusing on the renowned wines of the Valle de Guadalupe’s Adobe Guadalupe Vineyards & Inn and the cuisine of the hotel’s Master Chef Eric Saenz.  Adobe Guadalupe’s wines from Baja’s wine country will accompany five dishes including seafood, beef, chicken and pork.

Les and Tammy Kincaid

Les has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, since 1978 and  firmly believes that it is the best city in the United States in which to reside; he is, however,  also growing fond of Baja California, and notes that he was pretty surprised to learn that the region now boasts upwards of 80 wineries.

“The concept of ‘culinary’ has expanded,” he says in regard to the Baja region.  “I am so impressed with Hugo Torres, the Secretary of Tourism Juan Tintos, Jean Loup Bitterlin (El Rey Sol restaurant) and all of the people who are bringing awareness to this area!”  Maybe it’s just the Las Vegas connection talking…but it is almost a sure bet that Wines du Jour and Les Kincaid will help bring even more attention to this booming culinary region and to Baja’s gastronomy.


How to attend Les Kincaid’s Wines du Jour broadcast and tastings:  Cost for the five wine tastings and five food pairings is $15 per person. Seating is limited so early reservations are suggested. For reservations please contact Patricia Orozco at  or 1-866 ROSARITO (from the U.S.) or 661-612 -1126.

How to find out more about Les Kincaid:  Visit Les Kincaid’s website,

This is just a taste of spring events and Baja’s Gastronomy at the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort. Plus, those who want to turn an event into a mini-vacation can reserve oceanfront rooms from $79 per night on weekends.

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About Carla White

Carla White is a freelance writer, public relations/marketing consultant and event organizer based in Ensenada, Baja, California. Carla and her husband Jim moved to Baja in 2003 from the Los Angeles area believing that, thanks to the internet and satellite communications, they could continue working from home while enjoying a richer, more affordable lifestyle. So far, they’ve been right. Connect with Carla Google+


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