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Baja Horseback Riding – Experience Baja Like Never Before

Baja Horseback Riding at its Best!

At All The Pretty Horses of Baja – Rescue & Rides, our work with horses and other animals that have been abandoned or suffering from neglect is a labor of love. Nothing gives up more joy than to see what plenty of food, good care and kindness will do for horses (dog, cats and squirrels too) that need a helping hand. First, we make sure they know they can depend on us and in return, our animals give joy to us and everyone they meet.

Our horses are gentle and well trained so everyone from the most experience rider to the littlest cowboy or cowgirl can enjoy a ride. We also give lessons, do group rides and teach kids how to care for horses.

We could not do this without our wonderful customers and loyal supporters. If you are interested, the best way to help our growing family is by joining us for a ride, making a donation or sponsoring an animal.

Thank you so much – Krystal and Randy Redmon

 Overview and Rates

All the Pretty Horses of Baja rides are fun opportunities to explore the hills and valleys of Baja complete with stunning ocean views. Come sample local wines, eat tapas, experience a sense of freedom and exhilaration all while helping to fund the care of the marvelous horses you are riding and the ones that need extra care and rehabilitation.

Kids to grandparents will find the gentle horses, the amazing scenery and the caring guidance of Pretty Horses founders Krystal and Randy an unforgettable combination.

We offer periodic “Wine and Rides”, private rides and riding instruction. Special days can be planned for children who what to learn to ride and care for horses.

Buck a Rootraining – $25 per kid

We teach children how to care forhorses . Start with brushing , cleaning hoofs , saddling . We then teach themthe basis for riding . Its a great way to introduce horses to yourchildren

Cowboy Round Up – $40 per person

Relaxing ride up in the hills , comeand enjoy great ocean views and beautiful mountains . We will share the trailwith other wild life such as cows , Wild horses birds and more .

Picnic Ride – $50 per person

We grab our saddle bags packed withlocal cuisine and have a wonderful lunch under one of the huge oak trees .

Wine and Rides – $75 per person

We set up a table in the hills full of appetizers and local wines . The table is places at a the perfect spot onthe trails with great views .


Cancellation Policy

All events are reservation only $25.00 non refundable deposit.


Bajes Horses is a great time

Rating: 5/5 
Robert Donnell
Reviewed: March 5, 2013

This is a true "Hidden baja" treasure! Krystal of Pretty Horses Rides and Rescues offers a beautiful ride in the hills near Puerto Nuevo in Primo Tapia. The views of the ocean from these hills is great. The horses are calm and safe, many are rescues... and the proceeds go to the care and feeding of rescued horses.

This is great for kids....

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