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Eating in Mulege, San Ignacio and Santa Rosalia

Fresh from the Gulf of California!  Pile your plates high with seafood delights.  From hand-harvested scallops found just off shore by the local fishermen, to the shrimp pulled from the azure waters just that morning by the Guaymas-based shrimp-boat co-operative, you are sure to be delighted with the catch of the day. Fresh produce is not a staple in this arid region of southern Baja (but the area south of La Paz is gaining recognition for its fresh locally grown organics and Permaculture and Mulege is starting to take advantage of this), but in the meantime, restaurants ply their patrons with generous offerings of fresh Pico de Gallo, mounds of crustaceans and a side order of Mariachi music and big chilly margaritas.


In Mulege, there are only a few restaurants to choose from but they hit all the bases. Hotel Serenidad, at the mouth of the Mulege River, serves a gourmet dinner featuring the Saturday night pig roast. The tantalizing smells and this special experience will be remembered for a lifetime. The tradition of the Mariachi is still very much alive here, and the customer will feel truly satiated with the succulent pork, the music of Mexico and a gallon size margarita. Las Casitas in mid town across from the Volunteer Fire Station serves traditional Mexican food, and of course the fresh catch of the day.


Cantiles is a favorite gringo hangout. It has a full bar and an extensive menu with American favorites. An authentic pizza is served with everything they have in the kitchen on it. Sports TV is always on, and there is a hidden patio of play things to keep adults having fun. El Patron restaurant and bar is located on the north shore of the Mulege River at the edge of the Gulf of California. Traveling out of town on the only dirt road that follows the river to the edge of the gulf is an adventure waiting. This is a truly an authentic sand floor and Palapa experience that Jimmy Buffett could sing about. Watch the shrimp boats come and go, and the moon rise up out of the water touching is with pink twilight. The evening fare is catch of the day, and the romantic traveler will enjoy the candlelight ambiance. In the Streets of Mulege one can feast on the traditional Mexican hot dog. No Mexico experience is complete without the taste of a Mexican hot dog. Try the dog with a sizzling bacon-wrap and heaping with Jalapenos.

San Ignacio

Ignacio Springs Bed & Breakfast is technically a B&B, you can make reservation to eat dinner at this charming spot…and the food is substantial and delicious, delivering everything from ribeyes to pork roasts.  Ricardo’s Rice & Beans is located directly on Highway 1 as you pass through San Ignacio, this is a great place to enjoy a good margarita and simple plate of tacos with the aforementioned sides.

Antojitos Mexicanos Fong, as you enter town, you will see this place on your right.  It is owned by Nano Fong, who was once a circus performer and is a Guiness record-holder for his unicycling stint.


Santa Rosalia

Restaurant Terco’s Pollito:  Chicken, chicken and chicken…and done to a barbecued perfection!  With a fresh salad and a cold beer, this is a reasonably priced an excellent choice for dining.  El Muelle Restaurant:  Breakfasts are good here, but dining is available throughout the day.  They even have pizza!  And then there is Panaderia El Boleo:  Since 1901, this bakery has been a highlight of a visit to Santa Rosalia.  Amazing pastries and, in honor of the city’s heritage, truly European French bread.