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Rick Barber’s Eye on Mulege: Storm Watch Message

Weather Station of WB6EZI/XE2
Rick Barber – Owner
Oliver – Forecaster will be bringing periodic updates about Mulege and environs to readers from Rick Barber, Mulege resident and local expert.  Stay posted!

When Oliver speaks, people listen...

I guess what happened last night qualifies as an entrant to the Storm Watch archives. Just the other day, I was heralding the passing of two Mulegé milestones, September 2nd and Hurricane John. Both passed without incident!

We have been having some “unsettled” weather however. Storm clouds- nothing really organized- have been agitating us, off and on, for the past week or so. Last night, the rain gods got their act together around 7 p.m. and the proverbial poop hit the ventilator!

We got 1.89 inches of rain in under two hours. At one point, the rain rate (how fast it falls) was 5 inches per hour. That, folks, is a frog-strangler!!! The whole thing was over by 9:00 PM but the damage had been done. Downtown Mulegé looks like an Afghanistan war zone and removing the mud is going to keep the street sweepers busy for the foreseeable future.

I haven’t heard of any significant flooding (like water inside houses or businesses) but I’m sure there were some isolated instances. I did got a call from my wife around 8:30 to come and “rescue” her, my mother-in-law and two of their friends who had been attending an OUTDOOR mass at the mission. They had been getting reports of the river road flooding and didn’t think they could get out. I got old “Burro” (my ‘94 Bronco) out of the barn, slapped it in 4-wheel drive, and headed out on the rescue mission. Suffice it to say that the rumor mill is alive and well and, as usual, completely out of touch with reality. After fording several pools of standing water, the worse being about 2 inches deep, I arrived at the mission and completed my rescue mission without incident. I did pick up a few brownie points though so, those of you who know me well enough will appreciate the fact that I can use all the brownie points I can accumulate, deserved or not!!!

I’m sure the road under the bridge washed out- again. In actuality, it hadn’t been repaired from the rains we got last week. Welcome to the land of “mañana.” I’m sure most of you realize that “mañana” does NOT mean “tomorrow.” It means “not today.” Apparently, that is the case with the road repairs also.

Well, that’s about it for the update. The goats spent the night in their “apartments” and the chickens on their roosts inside the hen houses so they’re all nice and dry this morning and happy to have their food dishes emptied of water and refilled with nice, dry “breakfast”. As for me, I live on the porch so I’m protected from the rains. No wet peanuts or sunflower seeds for me thank you.

Have a great day,


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