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Storm Watch Message- Tropical Storm Kristy.

Mulegé, BCS, Mexico
Weather Station of WB6EZI/XE2
Rick Barber – Owner
Oliver – Forecaster

Oliver: Storm Watch Message




Hi All-
I don’t know how closely you are following the weather down here but I thought I’d better let you know about Tropical Storm Kristy. Kristy is not predicted to become a hurricane but, as we all know too well, Tropical Storms are fully capable of delivering a lot of rain and that is what causes our problems here in Mulegé.



Right now, the eye of Kristy is due south of Los Cabos with winds of about 50 mph. The “debris” clouds from Kristy are passing over Los Cabos right now and are dumping a lot of rain down there. The eye is forecast to move out into the Pacific but I expect the debris clouds to visit us at times and dump on us. Here’s the current satellite picture of Kristy:

Tropical Storm Kristy Baja

Storm Watch Message: Topical Storm Kristy Baja

The eye is the red dot directly south (below) Los Cabos. The debris clouds are just above and to the right of Kristy’s eye. As Kristy moves northwest out into the Pacific, these debris clouds will move north also and start to cover a lot of the Baja Sur peninsula (read US). Here’s the forecast track:

Tropical Storm Kristy Baja

As you can see, the National Hurricane Center is predicting a “hook” to the right after Sunday. Kristy will be a done deal by then but there will be a lot of grunge clouds out there that will pass over us after the storm dissipates.

So it’s looking like we’re going to be seeing some rain tomorrow and Friday and then a little clearing before we probably get some more rain early next week. I guess the bottom line is that, while we are going to get a goodly amount of rain that Baja can always use, I don’t think we’re going to get an amount that will cause substantial damage. We’ll see.

Have a great day,


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