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Great places to stay in Mulege

Mulege, San Ignacio and Santa Rosalia are all about tranquility.  It can often be hot and even humid…but that’s part of the experience.  Imagine yourself with a cool drink in hand, and ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you looking for lodging with a restaurant and evening entertainment?
  • Is price a primary consideration?
  • Do you prefer a bed & breakfast experience?
  • Do you want to be near a quiet lagoon or by the Sea of Cortez?

As you think about lodging, consider some of the pros and cons of each type.  These decisions, as well as the activities you want to do, will help you choose the best place for your trip.

*Bed and Breakfast inns:   Breakfast is a great time to meet other travelers and find out why they are in Mulegé and what they’ve been up to in their travels.  The Casa Granada is a bed and breakfast where travelers feel cozy and comfortable, and a great base for Mulegé wanderings. In San Ignacio, both the Ignacio Springs B&B and Casa Lereé are great options.

*Hotels:  Mulegé has several nice hotels – some even verging on luxury – in interesting locations, each with its own advantages.  For example, Hotel Serenidad, with its tranquil gardens and patios, has its own manicured dirt runway for private planes.  It also has a famous Pig Roast once-a-week.  If staying downtown at the comfortable, affordable Las Casitas, parking can be an issue. The new play spot in town is the Playa Frambes Lighthouse Resort, where you can even stay in the lighthouse! San Ignacio has just a few lodging choices, more in the B&B category.  Santa Rosalia is a good place for on-the-sea hotels and access to city services.

*Vacation Rentals: Vacation rentals are not as abundant in this region as in some other towns.  However, they can be found and some are within a stone’s throw of some lovely little palm-studded beach.  Most vacation rentals here are with individual owners rather than property management companies.

*Camping: Getting close to nature is a highlight in beautiful Mulegé and also in San Ignacio, where camping is directed by area tour operators.  There are a variety of camping/RV hook-up locates in the Mulegé vicinity, ranging from $2-$20 a night.  Be forewarned:  Mulegé can be pounded by heavy rains during certain times of the year, so read up on weather forecasts.

Once you’ve identified your criteria and selected the best type of lodging for your trip, scan the list of standouts below. It is by no means comprehensive, but rather a cross-section of some of our favorites. You can also search the Mulege hotel directory or vacation rentals directory for more options.










San Ignacio

Santa Rosalia

  • Spectacular ocean view:  Las Casitas Hotel
  • Clean, comfortable:  Hotel El Morro