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Get to know Mulege

Sunlight dances over the waters of the Gulf of California right up to the doorstep of Mulege, about a 1.5-2 hour drive from San Ignacio and 38 miles south of Santa Rosalia .  With just a few thousand year-round residents, this is a quiet place where people go to find tranquility and beauty. Travelers make the two-day road trip from the U.S. border to head for the quiet desert and volcanic mountains that frame the cerulean water of the Bay of Conception; here, Mulege offers a place to rest and enjoy spectacular sunrises, and to taste the historic significance of old Mexico.Read More

Places of Interest

The Old State Penitentiary This prison, finished in 1907, was a novel idea because it was a jail without bars. Given the remoteness of Mulege and the ‘judicial’ honor system, there were very few escapees. The prisoners could go out and work at a normal job during the day and be back by 6 p.m.. If they did not return, the other prisoners, not wanting to lose a good thing, would go find them and bring them back. It is now a museum which houses a fine display of historic value. Starting from the downtown area, specifically from the onlyRead More

Mulege Itineraries

Most people passing through Mulege are going to or coming from some other Baja adventure.  That is the beauty of it…it is a meeting point and a resting point, less a specific destination locale.  Here are just a couple of ideas: Drive about 40 minutes north to interesting Santa Rosalia .   The odd but attractive architecture in this town bespeaks a heritage that is at once French, Mexican and sort of cowboy. It is immediately clear that copper and ore mining was once the town’s industry and, indeed, there is rich and troubled history to be told.  But the use of  theRead More

Mulege FAQs

Where is Mulege located? Mulege is near kilometer 134, about 38 miles south of Santa Rosalia (one of Baja’s most charming towns), on Highway 1, right where the Rio (river) Mulege and the water of the Sea of Cortez meet up.   Looking at a map of Baja, it is a bit more than half-way down the peninsula, on the eastern side. What is the best way to get to Mulege? The best way to get to Mulege is to drive, taking Highway 1 south from the US border/Tijuana or north from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz.  You truly cannotRead More

Sunlight dances over the waters of the Gulf of California right up to the doorstep of Mulege, a quiet fishing village 38 miles south of Santa Rosalia.