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Eating in La Paz

  The La Paz food scene includes everything from trendy pizzerias and casual cafes to trend-setting chefs who are redefining what Baja cuisine is all about. You can find good Italian, French, sushi, Chinese, and of course traditional and contemporary Mexican fare. Don’t leave La Paz without trying its famous seafood tacos. This city has some of the best budget friendly seafood restaurants scattered through the Malecón, where you can savor delicious deep fried battered fish, scallops, oysters, clams and shrimp tacos . For raw options, try fresh Chocolatas on the shell (a local variety of clams) and the Campechana cocktails (aRead More

La Paz has a well-rounded culinary scene that includes upscale contemporary cuisine  and some of the best street food found anywhere in Baja.