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Buffalo Bar-B-Q

Buffalo BBQ is a steakhouse that specializes in choice steak cuts and seafood that is hauled straight out of the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean. The fish is as fresh as it gets, and the restaurant has built a name for itself with a diverse menu of both surf and turf items.

Burning on Premium Meat and Seafood in Baja

Rating: 5/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 23, 2012

Buffalo Bar-B-Q is on fire. Not literally, but the prominent grill burns mesquite and mauto, and Sonora native Carlos Valdez has an energy and enthusiasm that certainly helps fan his restaurant’s culinary flames. The setting combines colorful walls with sky views and roving mariachis.

Even though Buffalo’s best known for its steaks, we learned that Chef Valdez also has a way with seafood. His ceviche, touting three different local clams, contributed some of my favorite cold bites of the trip. The sashimi of yellowfin, yellowtail and swordfish was another gem, served with wonton chips. Surf and turf was inspired, including Sonoran filet and sweet San Carlos shrimp. As the night wore on, we were continually knocked out by the bold flavors and local ingredients. A slab of Sinaloan crab tamale incorporated crema and spicy jalapeno salsa, and a luscious shrimp burger also hosted bacon, Gouda, grilled onions, tomato, and garlic mayo, with added kick from the wood grill.

The idea of a Tabascan dark chocolate fondant seemed uninteresting, but the execution elevated the rich dessert. So did the strawberries, sautéed in butter and cognac. Of all the restaurants on our one-week sojourn to Baja California Sur, Buffalo Bar-B-Q delivered my most memorable experience.

This review was submitted by Joshua Lurie, a writer from Los Angeles. Joshua has participated in the Scribes program, a program designed to encourage writers to create original content about Baja California. Baja Scribes may receive food, lodging or payment, but they are encouraged to submit their own opinions on this site, which may not reflect the views or opinions of Joshua’s website documenting his travels can be found here.

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