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Baja Road Trip Tips: Best Places to Visit in La Paz

The first Europeans ever to arrive on the Baja California peninsula landed at La Paz. The initial sortie was led a mutineer named Fortun Ximenez, who had killed the captain of an exploratory expedition sent by Hernan Cortes. The conquistador-in-chief had heard tales as early as 1524 of an “island” rich in pearls off the western coast of Mexico. A little over a year after Ximenez made landfall, Cortes himself arrived. That was May 3, 1535.

Over the next 482 years later, La Paz remained at the forefront of peninsular history.  It was the site of a fiercely contested siege during the Mexican–American War, and for hundreds of years adventurers flocked to its picturesque shores in search of its fabled black pearls. It became capital of what was then the Baja California territory in 1830, after a hurricane devastated Loreto, and since 1974 has been the capital city of the state of Baja California Sur.

Best Places to Visit in La Paz

The seaside malecon is the center of the social schene in La Paz.

Today, La Paz is still a destination of consequence, renowned for its architectural monuments, beautiful beaches, venerable cultural institutions, and, most of all, its warm and welcoming people.  The modern city – home to well over 200,000 residents – boasts thriving dining and nightlife scenes, abundant shopping options, and by far the greatest collection of museums on the peninsula.

In short, it’s a mandatory stop for anyone considering, or in the midst of, a Baja road trip adventure.

Here’s a short guide for first-time visitors.


Best Places to Visit in La Paz

Playa Balandra is not only the most beautiful beach in La Paz, but one of the most picturesque in all of Mexico.

The most notable natural attractions are the three-mile malecon, or seaside promenade, which looks out over the Bay of La Paz and the tip of the El Mogote peninsula; and the string of gorgeous beaches that stretch northeast of the city towards Punta Las Pilitas. Local families throng the malecon each evening – strolling or riding bicycles – enjoying the gentle sea breezes and the invariably spectacular sunsets (La Paz is on the eastern coast of Baja, but its seaside vantages angle towards the northwest).

Playa Balandra is the most famous beach, thanks to soft white sands and the sort of electric blue water seldom seen outside of Quintana Roo. Balandra is also home to El Hongo, a mushroom shaped rock that is La Paz’s version of El Arco in Cabo San Lucas. Nearby Playas El Tecolote and Pichilingue are also worth a visit. The latter is located near the ferry terminal (with service to Topolobampo and Mazatlan) and offers  good swimming conditions and platters of fresh local seafood.  El Tecolote also features plenty of ceviches and almejas (chocolate clams), plus water sports and picturesque views of the uninhabited Isla Espiritu Santo, one-time home to the world’s first pearl cultivation farm (an achievement often erroneously attributed to the Japanese instead of visionary Paceño scientist and long-time La Paz municipal president Gastón Vives).


Best Places to Visit in La Paz

Las Tres Virgenes is beloved by local Paceños, and has been one of the capital city’s most popular restaurants for over a dozen years.

The local food scene is diverse, but first-class. Las Tres Virgenes is considered by many locals to be the city’s finest restaurant, despite the fact that Chef Jesus Chavez is originally from Tijuana. Chavez’s facility with mesquite grilled meats and seafood paired with romantic moonlit courtyard dining provides a memorable local dinner experience.  Bismark-cito offer seafood pleasures overlooking the malecon, as well as the best micheladas in Baja Sur. Taco lovers will want to check out the downtown stand operated by the Hermanos Gonzalez. The best comfort food options, however, are found at Bandidos, where enormous half-pound burgers are grilled under the hood of a bisected pickup truck, and served up with delicious french fries and ice cold cervezas.

Best Places to Visit in La Paz

Bandidos is famous for its burgers, grilled in a bisected truck.


Five Places to Visit in La Paz

La Miserable in La Paz

La Paz has a surprisingly varied nightlife scene, ranging fron nightclubs like Las Varitas and La Cabaña, and popular malecon based bars like Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter, to off-kilter spots that show off the city’s penchant for vintage decor and sophisticated pleasures. La Miserable is far and away the best example of the latter group, a downtown hangout that features eclectic good-time music curated by the Ireland born bartender, as well as a potent collection of artisanal mezcals. The nearby Beer Box, meanwhile, offers the finest selection of craft beers in the region, from international bottles to Baja born microbrews from producers like Ramuri, Fauna, Cucapa, Agua Mala and Baja Brewing Company.

Five Places to Visit in La Paz

Vintage charm at La Miserable, a mezcaleria in downtown La Paz.


Best Places to Visit in La Paz

Whale skeletons hang from the ceiling at the Museo de la Ballena y Ciencias del Mar in La Paz.

La Paz is not just the seat of government for Baja California Sur, but the state’s cultural capital as well, with a superb collection of museums, and a large theater capable of seating more than a 1,000 people. The Whale Museum –  Museo de la Ballena y Ciencias del Mar – is the chief attraction, with a central location overlooking the malecon, and a large number of life-sized whale skeletons pieced together from specimens that washed up on regional shores. Sharks, porpoises, sea turtles and other marine creatures are also well-represented at the popular museum, which together with the reptile focused Serpentario de La Paz, offers a relatively complete look at the natural history of the region. The local chronology is filled out in even more detail at the recently renovated Museo de Antropologia, which offers insightful displays that exhibit the beliefs, customs and primitive tools of indigenous peninsular inhabitants like the Pericu, Guaycura and Cochimi.


Five Places to Visit in La Paz

The Ibarra family has been making pottery in La Paz since 1983.

Ibarra Pottery leads the list of shopping attractions in La Paz. The family-owned workshop has been in operation since 1952; in La Paz since 1983. Visitors can watch as handmade, hand-painted ceramics like bowls, tableware and tiles are brought into being by skilled artisans (all of the creations, by the way, are microwave and dishwasher safe). Antigua California is the best option for traditional folk art sourced from mainland Mexican states, and Allende Books is a mandatory stop for literature starved daytrippers from Los Cabos.


Best Places to Visit in La Paz

Model T with a stuffed monkey at the wheel at the Hotel Arte Museo Yeneka in La Paz.

Spiraling exchange rates in recent years have made even the best hotels in La Paz a certified bargain. Rooms at the historic Hotel Perla, a fixture on the malecón since 1940, start at just over $50. Trendy inn el angel azul, which occupies the historic site of a former courthouse,  offers a comfortable central location with shared kitchen and bar privileges for only $75–85 per night. The absolute best bet for budget conscious travelers, however, is Hotel Arte Museo Yeneka. Rates  begin at about $30 U.S. at this bohemian downtown lodging, which features a complimentary continental breakfast, air-conditioning, and a courtyard filled to bursting with family heirlooms and found objects. is a comprehensive online source of first-hand travel information for the Baja California Peninsula. We offer Baja travelers expert advice about local restaurantshotelsvacation rentals and activities, as well as guides, maps, complete event calendars and great stories about incredible travel destinations, from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas.  We also provide free personal travel consulting, planning and booking services in Los Cabos, Todos Santos and La Paz, with prices that match or are below best advertised price. For more information, please call toll-free (US/CAN) 855-BAJA-411 or email us at

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