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Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching Tours – Mar y Aventuras

Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching

Mar y Aventuras/Sea & Adventures

If you’re seeking the finest Baja sea kayak and whale watching tour adventures, look no further. Mar y Aventuras is a local Baja company that for more than 20 years has been offering active and fun excursions to remote and special areas of the beautiful Baja Peninsula. On sturdy sea kayaks and pangas, excursions allow guests to intimately experience the abundant nature and wildlife of Baja’s pristine waters, equipped with snorkels and masks.

Snorkeling in pristine waters with May y Aventuras.

Snorkeling in pristine waters with Mar y Aventuras.

Come explore the unique natural world of Baja we call our backyard on a sea kayak or whale watching expedition or day trip. Travel through Baja with our local guides as you snorkel with whale sharks and sea lions, pet gray whales, paddle with manta rays, hike through desert canyons and camp on isolated beaches under starry skies.

Rated the #1 sea kayaking outfitter on Trip Advisor there is no other outfitter that compares with our service, experience and professionalism.

May y Aventuras almost brings the whales to you!

Mar y Aventuras almost brings the whales to you!

The owners of Sea & Adventures (Mary Harter) and Mar y Aventuras (Ricardo Amador) have more than 60 combined years of experience guiding and operating Baja sea kayak and whale watching tours.

Mary, a wildlife biologist, came to Baja in 1983 working as a naturalist and fell in love with the place, people and wildlife. Ricardo grew up in the same neighborhood where the office and hotel are now located.  He claims Baja and the Sea of Cortez as his backyard. As a multicultural Mexican and American team, Mary and Ricardo provide a unique combination of skills for operating a business in Mexico while catering their excursions to North Americans.

While in Baja, guests of Mar y Aventuras travel with the locals but still enjoy the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, professionalism and quality of service they would expect from a similar trip in the US or Canada.

Many of our clients have claimed their experience on a trip with us in Baja far surpassed the service of a river rafting trip they did in the US.

We have invested deeply in the training of our staff over many years and it shows. They are locals who have a passion for this unique and special place they call home. They love sharing this passion with our guests and most have been with our company for over 15 years now.

Mar y Aventuras is truly the best choice for anyone seeking an active eco-excursion to experience Baja’s unique natural world and abundant wildlife.

A pilot whale, up close and personal.

A pilot whale, up close and personal.

We have traveled the world and there is NO place that compares to Baja for marine adventure travel with such abundant wildlife!

The Southern Baja Peninsula with Magdalena Bay and the Pacific Ocean on one side and the islands in the Sea of Cortez on the other is unparalleled in natural beauty and wildlife abundance.

On a one week trip during the right season in Southern Baja one can snorkel with whale sharks near La Paz, see baby sea turtles hatch near Todos Santos, get up close and personal with a gray whale, snorkel with sea lions and manta rays and paddle anytime with the dramatic backdrop of volcanic cliffs, turquoise waters, towering cactus and white sand beaches.


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Travel with Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching Tours/Mar y Aventuras and you’re sure to experience the best Baja has to offer in adventure travel, specializing in showing you the natural beauty and abundant wildlife which is our Baja.


Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching Tours: Services 

Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching/Mar y Aventuras offers tours from one to 10 days, with accommodations at the lovely Posada LunaSol inn; or there are non-inclusive tours where you just show up and head out to kayak, whale watch or snorkel.  A day trip consists of arriving at our office, meeting your guide, getting geared up with life jackets and snorkel or paddling equipment then heading out for your activity.

An expedition involves an overnight stay at the Posada LunaSol inn hotel your first and last nights in La Paz, guide orientation, gearing up of necessary equipment and you’re off on your destination by van or boat.

posada lunasol2

Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching/Mar y Aventuras offers a huge variety of trips from one to 10 days, catering mostly to those seeking an active excursion in a natural setting and looking for a unique interaction with wildlife. If camping is not your thing, pamper yourself at Posada LunaSol where you can spend your days out on the sea, then return to La Paz each afternoon for a hot shower and soft bed.

For the more adventurous types, special expeditions offer camping on remote beaches from one to nine nights on trips traveling to Espiritu Santo Island just north of La Paz or between Loreto and La Paz or to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific.

If it’s a marine adventure you seek, Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching/Mar y Aventuras has got the perfect trip for you.

The only limitation for doing one of these safe and carefully planned trips would be in the human mind:  Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching/Mar y Aventuras works with all ages, and with people who have disabilities.

Baja Sea Kayak and Whale Watching/Mar y Aventuras:  Rates

Rates range from $40 for a half-day sea kayaking trip in La Paz Bay to $1,400 for a ten day combination trip that includes whale watching on the Pacific and sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, six nights camping and 3 nights hotel accommodations. There are also tours in every price between, for two to nine day trips.


Pet Friendly, Handicapped Facilities, Smoking Permitted, Elderly Friendly, Eco tourism, Guided, Family Friendly, Lunch/Snacks/Beverages, Bilingual Staff, Adventure Eco-travel


  • Visa, American Express, Master Card accepted
  • Group discounts available
  • Tours accommodate 2 to 18 people

Island Hopping Trip La Paz to Loreto

Rating: 5/5 
Cirk Lavins
Reviewed: April 11, 2013

Please allow me to express to you my sincere thanks for the fantastic Island Hopping trip, March 9-17.
My compliments to you, your staff and guides on providing such a solid, well equipped and well rounded travel experience. From the moment I checked into your hotel, to the final goodbye at the farewell dinner, I experienced the warming sincerity of a very well run adventure travel business. It was both a pleasure and privilege to experience some of the wonders of the Baja peninsula with such personable and knowledgeable guides and staff. I hope to return to Baja someday soon for more exploration of your beautiful land and people.

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50 people found this review helpful

Espiritu Santo Island Quick Getaway

Rating: 5/5 
Christa Mascher
Reviewed: April 11, 2013

Our family had a most delightful time. Even the snow back here at home hasn't dampened our memories of a truly wonderful experience.
Thank you for building and running such an amazing company.
I continue to feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Espiritu Santo.

Did you find this review helpful? YES

22 people found this review helpful

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