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Visiting Baja’s Snorter: The Blowhole at La Bufadora

Visiting Baja’s Snorter: The Blowhole at La Bufadora

No matter whether visitors to Ensenada arrive in a car, on a bus or aboard a cruise ship, it’s a sure bet that many of them already know that this region is also home to the world’s second largest natural blowhole, La Bufadora, which roughly translates to ‘The Snorter’.

Throngs of visitors regularly witness the spectacular spout of the world’s second largest blowhole.

Located just past the southern end of Bahia de Todos Santos at the tip of the Punta Banda peninsula, it is a little less than a one hour drive south of the downtown business district. 

The protected cove that is home to La Bufadora.

Driving out to La Bufadora, the gradually escalating serpentine grade that leads to this small seaside community offers a spectacular view of the Bahia as well as miles of distant sandy beaches that stretch magnificently toward the north.  It also provides a calming distraction from the sheer drop of several hundred feet that often lies only a few yards beyond the right shoulder of the road.

Rancho La Bufadora is a residential community situated immediately adjacent to the local shopping district.

As you begin your final descent back toward sea level, your first view is one of a small, rocky cove surrounded by modest homes and compact casitas.  On a calm day, the waters around La Bufadora have a Mediterranean cast, with cool, clear turquoise hues that soothe weary eyes.

La Bufadora - 2            La Bufadora - 6

Just down the street, a row of shack-like concession stands line the path leading to the blowhole,  with eager vendors offering visitors everything from the usual array of curios, artwork, plaster deities, and metal sculptures to humble preparations of local shellfish, or fried seafood

La Bufadora - 4     La Bufadora - 3     La Bufadora - 1

At the end of the path, mesmerized visitors stare out at the myriad of sharp, guano covered boulders waiting for the next influx of water to dramatically surge up through the rocky quagmire and eventually dissolve into a fine mist.

In addition to shopping and the blowhole, the protected cove nearby offers a variety of recreational options such as fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking or even just stretching out in a comfortable spot with a cool beverage and soaking up the Baja sunshine.  

The calm, picturesque waters of La Bufadora’s cove provide a perfect setting for kayakers.

Despite its rural locale, there is easy access to La Bufadora via bus or taxi for those who would prefer to leave the driving to someone else.  But irrespective of how you may decide to get there, any first time visit to Ensenada that does not also include a trip to its famous blowhole will be woefully incomplete. is a comprehensive online source of first-hand travel information for the Baja California Peninsula, supported by a full-service tour operator staffed by Baja locals (our “Baja Travel Savants”). We offer Baja travelers expert advice about local restaurants, hotels and vacation rentals, as well as guides, maps and articles about events, sports and activities. We provide bilingual customer support, information and sales seven days a week, 365 days a year. For more information, please call toll-free (US/CAN) 855-BAJA or email us at

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