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Experience the emerging wine country of Valle Guadalupe, just minutes inland from Ensenada.


Mexican wines are quickly becoming a hot commodity. Sophisticated wine-makers are proudly entering in and winning wine competitions worldwide with wines off the vines in Valle Guadalupe. And with good wine comes great chefs creatively preparing innovative Mexican cuisine. This makes for an unbeatable gastronomic experience right here in the Baja, just 90 minutes south of the US border.

Our exclusive Valle Guadalupe Food and Wine Tour combines unique lodging options with fine dining. Your afternoons will be full experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Mexican wine country, visiting vineyards and tasting wines.

Whether it is fresh fish tacos from a road-side stand, or white-linen fine-dining, the culinary adventures that await you in Baja are like none other. And we will take you to the source to discover the roots of the emerging Baja food experience.


3 day/2 night Package Includes:


  • 2 night accommodation in Valle Guadalupe or Ensenada
  • 1 Dinner at gourmet restaurant
  • 2 days of escorted tours in Valle Guadalupe


Day 1: Arrive in Valle Guadalupe. Enjoy a tour of several wineries. Overnight at hotel of choice.

Day 2: Continue touring the wine-makers and vineyards of Valle Guadalupe.

Evening: Dinner at gourmet restaurant

Day 3: Morning at leisure. Depart for home.


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