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Eating in Ensenada

Innovative, organic, fresh and sustainable:  These are the gastronomic buzz words in northern Baja.  In fact, besides cultivating the oysters, abalone and mussels for which the region is becoming famous, Ensenada is actively cultivating Gastronomic Tourism. This is driven by the fact that food in this region is influenced by several key elements: the Pacific Ocean at its doorstep; Mexico’s wine country as its backyard, and the fertile fields of Maneadero just south of town, home to acres of abundant, fresh produce.  This abundance has nurtured the culinary industry, and the culinary industry has, in turn, nurtured an explosion ofRead More

Search the Ensenada Restaurant Guide

Does the taste tour begin with a fresh scallop ceviche at Muelle Tres restaurant on the Ensenada waterfront (with a front-seat view of fishing boats unloading their catch)?  Perhaps tempura oysters with a handcrafted beer at Ultramarino oyster bar on Ave. Ruiz, near Hussong’s.  What about rack of lamb with a rich Tempranillo at Sanos restaurant , near the , it’s a matter of taste – and it’s all available in Ensenada. Search the Ensenada restaurant guide for more ideas and places to test your taste buds! Here is a cross-section of standout eateries in the Ensenada area. El Rey sol Muelle Tres Sanos Punta Morro Barra Azul Ultramarino Casamar Las Cazuelas Ophelias Kalifa Terra Noble El Sarmiento Belios Boules Manzanilla Cafe Orleans El CidRead More

Savor a distinctive Baja cuisine that blends traditional Mexican dishes with fresh seafood, locally grown produce, and an international flair.