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Top Ensenada Festivals & Events

  • Fiestas de las Vendimias  The first three weeks in August are annually dedicated to a celebration of the grape harvest in this, Mexico’s wine country, just 20 minutes from downtown Ensenada.  Scores of wine-oriented gastronomic events are held throughout this period, at scores of wineries:  opera and tango performances, paella festivals, jazz concerts, elegant multi-course pairing dinners and much more.  Tickets for the Vendimia go on sale as early as April and some events are sold out within hours.
  • Fish and Seafood Festival and the Baja Seafood Expo  Annually in September, this event highlights the seafood industry in Ensenada, with trade expos and seminars involving local fisheries and fish farmers, as well as with a festival open to the public.  Wines and seafood dishes are presented, and various activities take place throughout the city.
  • Carnaval is Ensenada’s similar but smaller version of Mardi Gras, held in February each year.  It is a family time, with parades, a fair, music, gastronomic events and competitions happening for a week-long period.
  • Annual Wine & Cheese Festival in Ojos Negros is held in October.  Ojos Negros is approximately 25 minutes from Ensenada, on Highway 3 (Ensenada-San Felipe).  It is a small hamlet but it boasts Marcelo Castro, his cheese caves and his European-style Ramonetti cheeses.  The festival pairs wines with the quesos and is a fun, family day-trip.