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Eating in Cabo San Lucas

Mexican food is so internationally well-known that even first-time visitors feel an easy familiarity with the majority of menus. However, there are still some dishes and treats that are little known outside the country and won’t be found at any of the typical tourist traps. Here are a few local specialties and delicacies that should favorably impress even the most seasoned of travelers. When I tell  friends and family how much I love eating huaraches , they generally assume that things are going so poorly in the writing game that I have taken to eating my own sandals. In fact, huaraches are fried masaRead More

It is true that, in signature Baja style, there is some great street fare to be had in Cabo San Lucas. But, really? Sure, you can’t beat a taco made of the world’s freshest shrimp. But today’s Cabo is gaining world-wide recognition for having some of Mexico’s most innovative chefs and outstanding dining establishments. Not only are ingredients frequently sustainable and organic, but restaurants here are presenting extensive wine lists featuring the famous vintages from Mexico’s wine country and beyond