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Baja from Above – Aerial Views of the Baja California Peninsula

Sometimes a shift in perspective lets you look at a familiar place in an entirely new way. It’s not exactly like seeing it for the first time, but you will undoubtedly find new facets, observe details you never noticed before, and thus come away with a fresh appreciation. That’s the way we feel about aerial views of the Baja California peninsula.

By moving up, up and away, we lose an intimate sense of both wildlife and street life–the eclectic jumble of shops and restaurants, the distinctive tenor and pace of each neighborhood–but gain a larger, more encompassing sense of the places we love. We’re able to take their measure from new and exciting perspectives.

Just as exploring the undersea world off the Baja coast offers a breathtaking, utterly transformative glimpse at a world of colorful reefs and wrecks, and an astounding diversity of sea creatures, seeing Baja from the air allows us to step back from hustle and bustle of human interactions and truly appreciate the incredible natural beauty of this unique land.

Videos with Drone Footage

In recent years, drone footage has given us brilliant new looks at some of the peninsula’s greatest treasures, from its majestic coastal vistas and natural wonders like El Arco, El Hongo and La Bufadora to its highways, byways and rugged interior mountain ranges.

The new technology has also produced a new crop of talented artists and photographers.

Raul Ruvalcaba is the man responsible for the gorgeous aerial images of Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada in the aptly named Mi Tierra.

Matador Network explores the natural wonders of the southern municipalities of Los Cabos and La Paz.

Jordi Ahumada captures some glorious aerial views of Playa Balandra in La Paz, annually rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, with spectacular additional footage of uninhabited islands like Espiritu Santo and the Revillagigedo Archipelago, the latter an island chain considered one of the world’s premier dive meccas.

The beauties of Mulege are also shown to great advantage, thanks to the creative drone photography of IronBoy FPV.

Aerial Views of Baja from NASA Images

Satellite images continue to offer magnificent views of Baja California from space, and provide rare opportunities to see the peninsula in its entirety, from the world’s busiest border crossing in Tijuana to the southernmost tip of Cabo San Lucas.

NASA Images are a fantastic public resource in this regard, with daily views from orbiting satellites and interplanetary missions that showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos, but also zero in on specific regions and spotlight one-of-a-kind topographical features.

The four photos below are among the best Baja related images in the NASA collection. The first does indeed show the peninsula in its entirety as Earth spins through space at a stately pace of 30 kilometers per second; the second and third are satellite visible images of beautiful Baja California Sur, while the final image shows category-4 Hurricane Odile engulfing the southern region–from Los Cabos to the barrier islands of Bahia Magdalena–on September 14, 2014. The fourth anniversary of this profound natural disaster just recently passed, and this image is a potent reminder that things invariably look a lot nicer from the air than they do on the ground.

Perspective definitely matters.

Aerial Views of the Baja California Peninsula

All photos courtesy of NASA Images.

Aerial Views of the Baja California Peninsula

Aerial Views of the Baja California Peninsula

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