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Jim Pickell PhotoJames Pickell, CEO & President

Self-confessed serial entrepreneur. Addicted to challenges. Bores easily.  Baja denizen and afficionado. Jim recently exited, a start-up he co-founded, now the leading online language school in Latin America. Jim was formerly the Senior Vice President at SONY Connect, overseeing digital distribution of feature films, music and eBooks. (James Pickell’s Complete Bio & Photos)


chrissands-profileChris Sands, Editor

Chris Sands is Editor at, co-writer of Fodor’s Los Cabos travel guidebook, and a contributor to Forbes and 10Best at USA Today, as well as other websites and publications. He is a full-time resident of Cabo San Lucas. (Chris Sands’ Complete Bio & Photos)


Christopher Erkelens, Regional Directorchristopher-erkelens-profile-baja

Chris was Born in Guatemala to German and American parents. His multicultural upbringing has afforded him a natural ability and comfort in bridging communication (verbally and in writing) between highly segregated/dissimilar cultures and languages. (Christopher Erkelens’ Complete Bio & Photos)


brad-williamsBrad Williams, Lead Website Developer

Brad comes to with an extensive history as a computer programmer and ‘tech junkie’. He enjoys exploring technology and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Brad is the Founder of, a co-host on the SitePoint Podcast, and the author of Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development. (Brad Williams’ Complete Bio & Photos)


Lisa Green PhotoLisa Green, Baja Travel Savant

Travel has always been a source of great joy and wonder for Lisa. She has been fortunate to travel to many magnificent destinations all around the world, and has enjoyed amazing experiences throughout Europe, the Caribbean, North America, Down Under, Thailand and her beloved Mexico. The 2008 Olympics in China was definitely a “bucket list” travel highlight.   (Lisa Green’s Complete Bio & Photos)


nikkigoth-profileNikki Goth Itoi, Content Maestro

For more than a decade, Nikki Goth Itoi has explored Baja California by land and sea, with extended stays on both the Pacific and Gulf coasts. (Nikki Goth Itoi’s Complete Bio & Photos)



167169_10150127027726212_653436211_8414561_1764280_n-1Mike Norman, Bajatographer

John Michael “Mike” Lee Norman is a cinematographer with a passion for the region of Baja. He is an advocate for many of the causes in Baja and helps bring these to light via film. Born in Hollywood, California, he was exposed to the magic of movie making and the richness of living amongst a diversity of cultures from a very young age. (Mike Norman’s Complete Bio & Photos)


sethballiett-profile3Seth Balliett, Amigo Creativo

Seth was born and raised in upstate New York and now lives on the coast of Maine. Unfazed by cold weather, Seth finds surfing the icy Maine coastline in the winter full of peace and solitude – partly due to the understandably empty lineups. (Seth Balliett’s Complete Bio & Photos)


waltercraven-profileWalter Craven, Luchador de Píxeles

Walter Craven is’s rockstar designer and illustrator from Portland, Maine. (Walter Craven’s Complete Bio & Photos)



kristophertorra_desert2Kristopher Torra, SEO & Research Analista

Our jack of all trades, tech whizz, and SEO master, Kristopher Torra was born in Mexico City and has thus far been fortunate enough to have lived in some of the world’s most vibrant cities, including Buenos Aires, Guadalajara and San Francisco. Currently he resides in Todos Santos where he works in the offices. (Kristopher Torra’s Complete Bio & Photos)



Eleonora Ferri, Director of Food & Events

Eleonora was raised Italy but moved to the United States after studying law and languages in Italy and having acquired a passion for food, travel, art and culture. (Eleonora Ferri’s Complete Bio & Photos)



Meghan Fitzpatrick, Baja Scribemeghanfitzpatrick-profile

Growing up in London as a dual citizen, British and American, Meghan has always found herself to be at ease in multicultural surroundings. (Meghan Fitzpatrick’s Complete Bio & Photos)



marlabitterlin-profileMarla Bitterlin, Food & Events Coordinator

Coming from a family with a long history in Baja, Marla’s love for the region started when she was young. As soon as she was old enough to start working, her father encouraged her to learn more about Baja and its rich and beautiful history and culture. (Marla Bitterlin’s Complete Bio & Photos)


Maggie Martinez PhotoMaggie Martinez, Human Resources Experta

Our human resources goddess, Maggie Martinez, is at heart a world traveler. Perfectly fluent in English and Spanish, she has developed a deep affection for Baja California and its people through her travels to Tijuana, Ensenada, Todos Santos and Los Cabos. (Maggie Martinez’s Complete Bio & Photos)



carlwhite-bajaCarla White, Ensenada Amiga

Carla White is a freelance writer, public relations/marketing consultant and event organizer based in Ensenada, Baja, California. Carla and her husband Jim moved to Baja in 2003 from the Los Angeles area believing that, thanks to the internet and satellite communications, they could continue working from home while enjoying a richer, more affordable lifestyle.  So far, they’ve been right. (Carla White’s Complete Bio & Photos)


Jonathan Roldan, La Paz Amigo

Jonathan Roldan has been working in Baja since 1996 but has been writing about it for over 2 decades.  Now living in La Paz where he and his wife, Jill, own and run the Tailhunter International Fishing Fleet ,  they also run their Tailhunter Restaurant Bar located on the famous La Paz Malecon waterfront. (Jonathan Roldan’s Complete Bio & Photos)


Steven Dryden, Baja Wine Aficionadostevedryden-profile

Steve Dryden is considered to be Mexico’s top wine writer in the English language. Passionate about wine and horticulture, Steve’s career has taken him to some of the most beautiful places in the world. (Steve Dryden’s Complete Bio & Photos)



drewmcnabb-profile Drew McNabb, Loreto Amigo

Born and raised in Canada, where he pursued a 20+ year career in marketing and promotions, Drew bought property in Baja in 2003, at the very beginning of the Loreto Bay development. (Drew McNabb’s Complete Bio & Photos)




Shari Bondy, Bahia Asuncion Amiga

Shari Bondy has lived in Central Baja for over 20 years, and in Bahia Asuncion for 10 years. (Shari Bondy’s Complete Bio & Photos)



Dawn Pier PictureDawn Pier, East Cape Amiga

In 2002, I packed the remains of a life I no longer wanted into the bed of my silver Nissan pickup and drove west across Canada, South down the Pacific Coast Highway and on into Mexico. (Dawn Pier’s Complete Bio & Photos)



Yesica Pineda, Baja Scribe.

Yesica “Yeye” loves traveling. Musician, writer and Yogini. Born and raised in Mexico City, after being chosen as a “Valor Juvenil” (think American Idol) she spent 10 years in Los Angeles, CA where she recorded her music album Yeye Organic Pop with 11 time Grammy winner Rafa Sardina and admired songwriter Rafa Esparza-Ruiz.  (Yesica Pineda’s Complete Bio & Photos)


Larry Crowson, Todos Santos & Baja Amigo

Larry has been a global traveler for the last 30 years and has extensive experience in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama & Belize.  He considers Mexico home and is a full-time expat. He owns property in Todos Santos in southern Baja and is residing in Ajijic in the Lake Chapala area in the central highlands of Mexico. (Larry Crowson’s Complete Bio & Photos)


Dan & Lisa Goy, Baja Amigos

Canadians Dan and Lisa Goy, who operate Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, have been camping in Mexico since 1985. (Dan & Lisa Goy’s Complete Bio & Photos)



frankangiuli-profile2_0Frank Angiuli, Innovative Thinker & Natural High Guy

Frank Angiuli is an innovative thinker. He created the brand Natural High in 1998 as a way to optimize what he considered to be the very best things about California living. (Frank Angiuli’s Complete Bio & Photos)



keithgazingoff7-2-11Keith Malone, PR Hombre

Keith comes to from a long and colorful history working for grassroots campaigns and multicultural non-profit organizations in Los Angeles as a proud third-generation Angeleno. Keith’s career choice was kicked into gear in the 6th grade when he ran against his twin sister for student body president – and won (sorry sis!). (Keith Malone’s Complete Bio & Photos)


Ryan Christopher Johnson, Photographer

Ryan is a self-taught photographer with a passion for travel. He is also completely self-taught in the post-production process. His long-term ambition is to see more of the world through his photography and to gain a real world outlook, earned from a lifetime of travel. (Ryan Johnson’s Complete Bio & Photos)


ashala-tylor-profilepic-cropAshala Tylor, Baja Photographer

Ashala Tylor has a deep-seated passion for photography and nature. She received her first Brownie camera when she was 7 years old and has been capturing images since that time. (Ashala Tylor’s Complete Bio)



Tom Gatch, Baja Amigo

Hooked on Baja’ author & columnist, Tom Gatch, is one of Baja’s foremost writers with a focus upon outdoor, dining and recreational topics in Baja and southern California.




Mary Anne & Jim Dogooder, Mexicali Amigos

MaryAnn and Jim Dogooder are two Americans living in Mexicali. (MaryAnn & Jim Dogooder’s Complete Bio)

Douglas Wittnebel, Artiste and Visionary

Douglas Wittnebel is an architect and artist with a passion for exploring new ways of thinking and traditional means of expression. He’s responsible for the map behind the homepage on for which we are all very greatful. (Douglas Wittnebel’s Complete Bio)

Bruce Herman, Baja Photographer

Bruce Herman is an accomplished professional photographer now living near Cabo San Lucas. After a successful career in Europe shooting sports and fashion, Bruce moved back to Los Angeles and soon thereafter rekindled a long remembered love affair with Mexico. (Bruce Herman’s Complete Bio)